Dear Surprise,

I thought it important to write you a letter, really a letter of commitment, that you can use to remind us if we begin to miss the mark of why we began Freedom Valley Church. There's probably no better people to keep us honest than the ones we promise to love and serve. Please hear them as our heart for you and this city we commit to showing you Jesus Christ to the best of our abilities we commit that Freedom Valley Church belongs to Jesus, not us.

  • we commit to telling you the truth about what Jesus says, even if it is hard and means some of you will never return
  • we commit to telling his story, not just ours, because it is more important and honestly, ours is boring without him in the center
  • we commit to spending our money and time serving the parts and people of Surprise and the greater West Valley that need Jesus' rescue
  • we commit to gathering around a King, not stacks of programs and events
  • we commit to confronting the sin that tears you and your family apart, sometimes unbeknownst to you or your family
  • we commit to taking chances and attempting things only possible with God's hand
  • we commit to making Jesus more famous than our church
  • we commit to loving you but declaring war on the things drawing you away from Jesus
  • we commit to doing our best to love and serve you

Thanks for listening and allowing us to serve you in Jesus' name.

Freedom Valley Church