God is a relational God, He has created us as relational beings.  Living life in isolation is not His design for us, which is the reason why He has given to us, as a gift, the joy of walking with others through life.  His avenue for this connection takes place in the arena of the Church.  Church is not a building we go to.  The church is a group of people who are genuine Christ followers and have chosen to follow Christ with other people. 

Surprise AZ is made of people who desire some form of community.  Our city is designed around this idea of community.  We agree with the idea and the need for community and we would take it a little further with recognizing that community starts with God.  We cannot have real community without God at the center of our relationships.  We are broken people and we all have had broken relationships, thus the church is not a people where problems do not exist, however with God at the center we are empowered to live life with each other in real community. 


Worship Gathering: The heartbeat of every avenue of ministry is done through our small group ministry.  With that said, we meet every Sunday morning at 10:30.  Who is our church made of?  When you come join us to worship you will see multiple small groups coming together, who have been meeting throughout the week that find it important to gather to

  • celebrate Jesus and all He has done
  • encourage other followers of Christ
  • equip those who are in the mission of Christ
  • welcome those who desire to follow Christ with us
  • proclaim the truth of the gospel to each other   

Our desire is that your journey with us does not stop on Sunday mornings, your next step could be:

  • Start with Freedom (Our introductory class) 
  • Join a small group near you
  • Serve on a team (Volunteer Application)
  • Be Discipled = This could mean that you join a group of either one-on-one or 3-to-4 people of the same gender for the purpose of growing and developing in your walk with Christ. 


Check out our Freedom Valley Small Groups Directory!

Gospel-Centered Small Groups = We see the mission of the church being fleshed out through small groups throughout the city of Surprise AZ.  Each group should contain a certain DNA in order to reflect what we see in the Bible.

  1. Connect With God = The first strand of Biblical DNA is the ability to hear from God and be lead by His Spirit through Biblical truth and prayer.  Be Transformed By His Gospel.
  2. Connect With Others = The second strand of Biblical DNA is the ability to live in authentic community with other followers of Christ who are on mission with you.  Live In His Gospel With Others.
  3. Connect With The World = The third strand of Biblical DNA is the ability to articulate to the world we live in, what the gospel is and how it has and is changing us.  Preach His Gospel To Our Generation Through Words and Deeds.